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Friday, November 15, 2013

Special offer for CSLA members

PowToon is a great online animated video-making tool.  If you want students to pay better attention, there are few better ways than creating and using cartoons to spark excitement.  Create awesome animated videos that will capture their imagination and convey your message in a powerful way.

PowToon also provides a creative outlet for students to work individually or collaboratively on projects. As a dynamic, interactive, and online resource, PowToon enhances and supports teaching and learning.

PowToon has an offer for CSLA Members that expires at the end of November.  You can get a free teacher account for one year as well as the ability to establish up to 30 free student accounts.  To take advantage of this offer go to http://www.powtton.com/toonup/. Once the payment window pops up, type in the coupon code: TOONUP243.  The payment amount due will revert to zero. 

You can visit this link to view information from PowToon about why cartoons are a powerful tool for learning and how to create an awesome video.  

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