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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

5 Great Reasons for Attending the CSLA 15 Centennial Celebration Conference in February

The following arguments will help make the case to your administration that attendance at the February CSLA conference will benefit the entire school because:

1.  You will save your school money in times of shrinking budgets.
CSLA workshops and sessions provide time-saving, money-saving and innovative ideas that all teachers and students can use.  There are links to Common Core ideas that will save your school money in selecting the right program for your students, for example, the workshop " I've Got A Digital Tool For That! Tools to Create, Collaborate and Connect" with Shannon McClintock Miller.
  • You will learn new ideas from the workshops and sessions, and equally as important, from fellow teacher librarians whose expertise and experience in the field will enhance your ability to serve your teachers and students.  Take a look at the Preview Guide for workshops.
  • The many exhibits will give you an opportunity to review products and services that might fit the exact needs of your school. This networking with vendors is invaluable, often providing cost-saving solutions to some of your school’s needs.
  • The “Exhibitor Learning Sessions” are an ideal way to see demonstrations of new products and preview new product lines.
  • One of your important duties is selecting resources for your library and school, and the CSLA conference includes experts in Young Adult and Children’s literature.  We have four author panels for you to attend, as well as the California Young Reader Medal Banquet, with CYRM winner Lisa McMann presenting.
  • If you register before Dec. 19th, you will save even more money – save $50 on full registration.

2.  You will become a more effective teacher librarian or library paraprofessional
  • Innovative ideas, strategies, and technology that you learn at sessions and from colleagues will serve your users and help you manage your time more efficiently.  These include many of the latest cloud-based tools and social networks that students enjoy and teachers need to know.
  • Your network of library resources will grow from meeting people from all over California at the conference. Some of the benefits from past conferences have included connecting with the California State Library, resources from the University of California including the California Digital Library  and Calisphere educator resources, etc.   All of these are free resources that make you and your teachers more effective and provide additional resources for your students.
  • Sometimes very simple ideas can enhance your efficiency as a Teacher Librarian or library paraprofessional – for example, learning from an experienced TL specific techniques to involve your administrators and teachers so that they utilize library resources and services more effectively.
  • Learning from experts in the field what has made their program successful can help you implement the new ideas, or adapt them to your own situation.  We may think we cannot or do not have time to do something innovative until we learn how it was done by another.
  • You will be more valuable to your school because you will have the tools to teach the Common Core State Standards, Model California School Library Standards, Digital Literacy, Internet Safety, Cyber Safety for students, Copyright and more.

3.  You will learn how to advocate for your library program
  • Our advocates in Sacramento share important legislation that affects school library programs.
  • The school library consultant to the California Department of Education recommends important ideas and strategies to support site library programs.
  • Other TLs often have great ideas on how to make you INDISPENSABLE to your school, and district.

4.  You will bring fresh new innovative ideas to your school that will energize your teachers and students and, most of all, YOURSELF!!
  • ‘Leave behind “conference guilt” - the sense that leaving your campus for PD disadvantages students and teachers. A day of PD many inspire months of great ideas.’ Carolyn Foote, School Library Journal, October 2014, p. 20.

5.  You will bring recognition to your school library and enhance its reputation by participating in professional development and showing your commitment to innovation and improving services to all stakeholders.

Promise yourself that when you return you will provide your administrator with a written report and share the information you learned from sessions, workshops, vendors, informal meetings and special events with your school staff.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Join/Renew Membership Incentive

Join/Renew CSLA Membership During November and Receive 2 Workshops for the price of 1 at the Annual Conference ~ Burlingame, February 5th-8th!

During the month of November 2014, in connection with registration for the annual conference, we are offering you a very special bonus membership benefit:

  • Join or renew by November 30, 2014, and you can get a 2-for-1 Workshop coupon valued at $55.00.
To be eligible for this offer, you must join CSLA or renew your CSLA membership by November 30, 2014. This offer applies to CSLA Professional and Paraprofessional memberships only.
You will receive a coupon code for your conference registration discount within one week of submitting your membership/renewal. NOTE: You must redeem your 2-for-1 Workshop coupon with your conference registration by January 30, 2015.

What if I am already a current CSLA member, and not yet due to renew?
You can still take advantage of this offer if you renew your CSLA membership in advance by November 30, 2014, extending it an additional 12 months from your current expiration date.

Where do I do this?

Click this link to join or renew: http://bit.ly/1tsX6SO

CSLA featured on TL News Night

California School Library Association will be featured on TL News Night on Monday, November 17, 2014 at 5 PM.  This show takes place live the third Monday of each month in news show format. It reviews what is happening in school libraries across the country. Each month also features guests from a different state library association.

TL  is anchored by a team of super teacher librarians from across the country. They include Nikki D Robertson, lead anchor, and Michelle Cooper, Elissa Malespina, Sherry Gick, Sue Levine, and Shannon Miller.

Our CSLA panel on November 17 will include:
  • Liz Dodds, CSLA President
  • Beth Oshewsky, CSLA President Elect
  • Glen Warren, CSLA VP, Government Relations
  • Jane Lofton, CSLA President, 2012-2013
Our panel will be sharing about the upcoming Centennial Conference, our early and recent history as an association, the state of school libraries in California, our new advocacy film and other advocacy efforts led by CSLA and its leadership team. 

The show is broadcast using Google+ Hangouts as the software platform, and viewers can watch the live stream from the site home page at http://tlvirtualcafe.wikispaces.com/TL+News+Night or on their Google+ pages.  

Viewers are encouraged to post questions and comments on Twitter using the #TLChat hashtag, and commentators and guest panelists respond during the show. CSLA's hashtag is #4CSLA.

While viewing the show live is the best option, since you get the chance to submit questions and comments via Twitter, you can also view the show recording at any time. All the show archives are posted at http://tlvirtualcafe.wikispaces.com/TL+News+Night

TL News Night had its first broadcast in September 2013. CSLA will be the 11th state featured on this informative, lively, and fun program. Please tune in on Monday, November 17 at 5 PM to view the show live.

CSLA State Board

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Butter Book Trailer Online Book Discussion Dec. 3

Please join us on December 3 at 3 pm (Pacific) to discuss the book Butter by E. J. Lange. Contact Jane Lofton
(a former CSLA president) to get the Google Hangouts link. Students and
staff are welcome, although we're mainly concentrating on students.
Butter is an overweight boy who decides to eat himself to death on
camera, online. He crowdsources the menu for his last meal. We hope to
have students from Texas, Connecticut, and several places in California.
All are welcome.