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Friday, March 7, 2014

CPLA 2014 Workshop

Saturday morning, March 1, 2014, found me at the Huntington Beach Public Library knoshing on tasty treats and rubbing elbows with HB City Councilwoman Jill Hardy, current CLA (California Library Association) President Deborah Doyle, and Mary Abler, spokeswoman for EveryLibrary California. CPLA President, Regina Moore and HBPL Director, Stephanie Beverage welcomed the workshop attendees, while Robin Hoklotubbe, CCPLA President-Elect facilitated introductions.  Unfortunately Opening Remarks from Gerald Maginnity, Acting California State Librarian, were missed as his flight from Sacramento was canceled due to the inclement weather.

Deborah Doyle's keynote address on "Synergistic Advocacy" was both entertaining and inspirational.  Admitting that the term "synergistic" was probably alcohol induced, she went on to explain that synergy is created by different people working together to advocate for transformation.  By cultivating relationships, listening to the needs, wants, and likes of the community, providing a service and then giving thanks--donors, voters, and legislators can "Be the Change."

Next on the agenda was:  "Success Happens When We All Work Together".  Amy Valeiras and Vickie Church from the San Diego Public Library Foundation told the story of the San Diego Public Library--how they raised some 185 million dollars--including funds from the state, private donors, and the establishment of a charter school within the library.  Creativity and innovation at its best!

Before breaking into smaller discussions, Mary Alber introduced EveryLibrary California.  A localized extension of EveryLibrary (national), the group is "specifically charged with the task of working to win the proposition stemming from SCA7, a bill currently under review that would go to the voters of California to decide whether to make a constitutional change allowing libraries to win tax measures through a 55% margin instead of a super majority of 66%."  EveryLibrary California:   "fighting to win" for sustainable California libraries.

With time running out, small breakout sessions closed the workshop.  Much thanks to HBPL Library Trustee and CSLA member Richard Moore for the information and especially the invitation.