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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Here are 6 more workshops for the CSLA Conference in Yosemite that are super relevant. I challenge you to find ONLY one that you want to attend. The last 6 will be posted soon.

7: Great LGBTQ Books for Youth (7-12)
Michael Cart, Booklist Columnist, identifies titles that address the sensitive and important topics of coming out, being out, and the search for community. This workshop will spotlight the best lesbian, gay, bi, transgender, and questioning books written for teens.
8: Why Don’t They Know What I DO? (K-12)
Deborah Ford, Director of Library Outreach Junior Library Guild. How can you get your stakeholders to see the value of your work? Hands-on, make-a-plan workshop that arms you with the tools you need to promote the value of the library program. Learn how to use relationships, engagement, statistics, and the power of story.
9: Break Out!: Breakout Boxes for Crosscurricular Critical Thinking in the Library (K-12)
Amy Linden & Jennifer Zimmy, Teacher Librarians, High School. Learn ways that this concept can be applied so you can have ANY class come to use your library, even math and CTE! Learn about the basic structure, necessary supplies, and steps to take to create your own games.
10: Check It Out: Strategies for Understanding How to Fact-check the Information in Front of You (K-12)
Connie Williams, Retired Teacher Librarian, High School.
How do we help students dig deeper to find the source and validity of their information? Explore how TLs can equip students and teachers with the tools and easy to understand, simple-to-use strategies for evaluating online [and print] information.
11: School Librarians as Learning Leaders: Advocacy Begins with Each of Us! (K-12)Audrey Church, Professor of School Librarianship. How do we convey the message that school librarians transform student learning to our teachers, administrators, parents, community members, and legislators. Explore strategies, techniques, and tools to use in advocacy efforts and develop an advocacy plan.

12: Powerful Skills for Successful Learning: Teaching Research in a Digital World (K-12) Deb Stanley, Retired Teacher Librarian, Middle School.This session will describe a six-step research process, each step moving students from print to digital skills that maximize student information management while minimizing — or eliminating! — plagiarism. Research instruction, technology integration, and digital citizenship will be woven together into an effective research process for a digital world. Practical lessons and materials are included. Workshop content is based on the website: The Research Process in a Digital World.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

The workshops for the CSLA Conference in Yosemite are fantastic. I challenge you to find ONLY one that you want to attend. Here are the first 6. I will do 2 more posts that will show you 12 more workshops for a total of 18.

1: The Best of the Best Young Adult Books (7-12). Michael Cart, Booklist Columnist, will present his 100 “best of the best” young adult books for 2017- 2018. Workshop 2: What’s New in Children’s Literature (K-6)
2. What are the hottest titles from 2017? 
 Deborah Ford, Director of Library Outreach Junior Library Guild.Who are the debut authors and illustrators  ? Which titles were the biggest winners of gold and silver for 2017? Sneak peek at 2018?
3: Save Reading: Kill the Reading Log (K-12). Katie McNamara, high school Teacher Librarian will explore fun alternatives to a reading log that increase engagement and facilitate critical thinking, communication, and creativity.
4: Guided Inquiry Design: A Framework for Inquiry in Your School (K-12). Leslie Maniotes, Curriculum Specialist/Education Consultant. Learn about the components of Guided Inquiry Design and how to implement it to impact student learning and success.
5: Social Media: A Must Have for You AND Your Library… and How to Get Started or Up Your Game (K-12). Jane Lofton, Retired Teacher Librarian, High School, will discuss why you need to be using social media for your personal professional learning as part of being a connected librarian, building an effective personal learning network, and keeping up. Why you need to be using social media to promote your library program, document what it does, and advocate to get others to support it. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, blogging, websites, Linkedin, Pinterest, Snapchat, and YouTube, and how to be efficient with your postings.
6: When Dewey and Genrefication Collide (6-12)
Lisa Bridgen, Teacher Librarian, high school. Ditching Dewey is all the rage now, but what would it look like to blend the age-old Dewey Classification and trendy-new Book Store vibe? Receive tools, tips, and solutions for “genrefying” your library without eliminating the opportunity for students to navigate through the world of academic libraries.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Keynote Speaker at Yosemite CSLA Conference

On Friday, February 2, Leslie K Maniotes will be the conference Keynote Speaker.

Leslie K Maniotes, co-creator of Guided Inquiry Design, is the curriculum specialist on that collaborative team. Leslie is a lifetime educator with National Board Certification, 11 years of classroom experience, five years as a Teacher Effectiveness Coach, a K–12 literacy specialist, all in urban and rural Title I schools. As senior consultant with BLV Consulting, Leslie leads professional development that builds capacity in collaborative teams of librarians and teachers for inquiry learning using Guided Inquiry Design. She loves learning and is an engaged, connected educator within her open PLN.
KEYNOTE – Guided Inquiry – Why Now?
Global interconnectedness enabled by information technology calls for new skills, new knowledge, and new ways of learning to prepare students with abilities and competencies that rise to meet the challenges of an uncertain, changing environment. Some people thought an internet connection in the classroom was all that was needed to transform a 20th-century school into a 21st-century learning space. If it were only that simple. In her keynote, Leslie will inspire you to think about what we need to prepare our students today for living and working in a complex learning environment. One critical thing we need, are librarians!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Letter Writing

Look at your email Tuesday morning for news about a letter writing campaign. Your help is needed. Your voice is needed. #4csla #TLs Please share with any library supporters.