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Friday, April 11, 2014

Two Upcoming Spring Webinars for CSLA Members

Cost: free

This is a CSLA member benefit.

Booktalk Webinars for Elementary and Secondary Libraries
presented by Junior Library Guild.  
The program includes time for comments from participants and will end with a brief explanation of JLG book services.

Date: April 29
5-6 PM for Elementary School
6-7 PM for Middle/High School

There is a limit of 25 people per session.
Registration information was sent to all CSLA members in an email on April 7.
This event is hosted by CSLA Southern Region Section 5

Google Calendar Webinar
Date: May 6 Time: 7 PM.
Google Calendar can help you stay organized and increase communication, collaboration, productivity, and efficiency.  
This webinar will cover:
·         creating calendars
·         creating events and Appointment Slots (repeating or recurring events)
·         sharing calendars
·         publishing and embedding calendars
·         customizing email, SMS, and pop-up notifications and reminders
·         share meeting materials/documents via Google Calendar
You will be sent an email with a  link to join the webinar.
This event is hosted by CSLA Southern Region Section 1

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Interest Students in STEM via Sports!

In the Winter 2013 CUE magazine, there is an article about sports and STEM-related careers by Dr. Harry Bloom. Let's start thinking about how we can interest students in STEM via sports! Bloom mentions a terrific website/blog called Sport Techie (http://www.sporttechie.com)
Here's a screenshot of part of the site on 4-8-14 to give you a taste of the breadth of articles. To quote Glen Warren, VP of Government Relations, CSLA, "Let students study what they're interested in." For many students, that would be sports!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

CSLA at the CUE 2014 Conference

CSLA had a major presence at the CUE Conference March 20-22. In addition to hosting a booth in the exhibit hall, we also presented a special "Digital Citizenship Summit" on Saturday.
This summit provided valuable information for all educators on a variety of aspects of digital citizenship that are crucial for us to model and teach our students. The summit also showcased the special expertise of teacher librarians in this area. Please visit the Digital Citizenship Summit page on our website for links to all the session presentation files.

Here are some of the highlights:

We were very fortunate to have Gwyneth Jones, aka The Daring Librarian, a middle school librarian from Maryland, as our visiting lead speaker. In her session on "Secrets of the Remix Mash Up YouTube Generation" she shared that "Everything is remix; use it for engagement." We all learn by repeating; we can leverage that and help students to be respectful remixers by working with the tools they already love, sharing other engaging tools with them, and teaching them about Creative Commons and attribution. Here's a tweet shared by teacher librarian Sharlene Paxton during Gwyneth's session:
To engage students, we need to be using tools like YouTube and great YouTube channels like Horrible Histories and the History Teachers Channels, while also introducing innovative tools such as Scoop.it for curation, LessonPaths for online lesson playlists, and Flocabulary for engaging learning through rap music. Gwyneth also presented three other sessions during the conference. She generously shares all her presentation materials. You can see the file for this and her three other sessions on her presentation wiki.

The Digital Citizenship Summit also included Pam Oehlman on "Teaching Digital Citizenship by Crafting Quick Flipped Tutorials and Using Existing Resources," Glen Warren on "The Uncommon Core: New Standards, New Literacies, and Student Significance," and my session on ""Inspiring Creativity While Respecting Copyright with Fair Use and Creative Commons."
Pam shared an analogy comparing the pencil to digital citizenship instruction; our kids today need the same careful instruction on using devices as we use to teach kindergartners the safe use of pencils. She shared lots of great resources for digital citizenship instruction, and you can see them reviewed in her presentation file:

All too often in school, Glen shared during his session, we don't ask kids what they want to learn. Instead, we just tell them what they have to learn. One the great things about school libraries, is that we ask them what they want to learn, and we help them connect that to the literacies, including those covered in the Common Core, that they need to learn. Here is a graphic showing how information literacy, which librarians teach, crosses all curricular areas, including personal interest:
Glen advocated for giving students the same kind of 20 percent time  that Google provides, allowing them to pursue their own interests in that time. He also shared how he makes students accountable for their time and has them simultaneously learn and practice information literacy skills. He uses a Google Form to have them submit information about their work, including the questions they asked and the research they did.

In my own session, I focused on teaching respect for intellectual property, on understanding copyright and fair use, and on taking advantage of using Creative Commons material to make that task easier. I also advocated for contributing to a creative society by licensing our own works with Creative Commons licenses and encouraging our students to do the same. Here is the presentation file:

If you haven't already joined the Creative Commons community, please do so! By sharing, we all contribute to a more vibrant, creative world. Gwyneth Jones included this powerful message in one her slides from her Friday session on "Marketing Your Program Like Lady Gaga":

I tweeted a photo of the slide during her session, and it clearly resonated with many people, since I got lots of retweets.

Thanks to CUE and Executive Director Mike Lawrence for enabling CSLA to present the Digital Citizenship Summit.
CSLA's exhibit hall booth provided information promoting the summit, as well as information about what teacher librarians do and what strong school libraries can provide. In addition to poster displays and handouts, we had iPads showing clips from the the December California School Boards Association panel presentation by our members Doug Achterman, Barbara Jeffus, John McGinnis, Rick Phelan, and Connie Williams. Visit this page on our website for more information and to see the full recording.

Here is a photo taken by Sue Heraper of President Janice Gilmore-See, 2011-2012 PresidentPam Oehlman, and me, your current Past President, at the booth:

Here's another photo at the CSLA booth, with members Janice, Lesley Farmer, and Joan McCall sharing the Digital Citizen buttons we handed out:

And, we had fun, too! Here's some of our CSLA members at Happy Hour with our guest, Gwyneth Jones, in the front of the photo:

If you attended the CUE conference, please be sure to complete the evaluations for our sessions. There are evaluation links for all the Digital Citizenship Summit on our Digital Citizenship Summit page. You can also visit cue2014.sched.org/ to view all the CUE sessions and complete evaluations for all those you attended. 

(This posting is adapted in part from my postings on Jane Lofton's School Library Journey and the Mira Costa HS Library Blog. Please visit those blogs for some additional CUE highlights.)

Friday, March 7, 2014

CPLA 2014 Workshop

Saturday morning, March 1, 2014, found me at the Huntington Beach Public Library knoshing on tasty treats and rubbing elbows with HB City Councilwoman Jill Hardy, current CLA (California Library Association) President Deborah Doyle, and Mary Abler, spokeswoman for EveryLibrary California. CPLA President, Regina Moore and HBPL Director, Stephanie Beverage welcomed the workshop attendees, while Robin Hoklotubbe, CCPLA President-Elect facilitated introductions.  Unfortunately Opening Remarks from Gerald Maginnity, Acting California State Librarian, were missed as his flight from Sacramento was canceled due to the inclement weather.

Deborah Doyle's keynote address on "Synergistic Advocacy" was both entertaining and inspirational.  Admitting that the term "synergistic" was probably alcohol induced, she went on to explain that synergy is created by different people working together to advocate for transformation.  By cultivating relationships, listening to the needs, wants, and likes of the community, providing a service and then giving thanks--donors, voters, and legislators can "Be the Change."

Next on the agenda was:  "Success Happens When We All Work Together".  Amy Valeiras and Vickie Church from the San Diego Public Library Foundation told the story of the San Diego Public Library--how they raised some 185 million dollars--including funds from the state, private donors, and the establishment of a charter school within the library.  Creativity and innovation at its best!

Before breaking into smaller discussions, Mary Alber introduced EveryLibrary California.  A localized extension of EveryLibrary (national), the group is "specifically charged with the task of working to win the proposition stemming from SCA7, a bill currently under review that would go to the voters of California to decide whether to make a constitutional change allowing libraries to win tax measures through a 55% margin instead of a super majority of 66%."  EveryLibrary California:   "fighting to win" for sustainable California libraries.

With time running out, small breakout sessions closed the workshop.  Much thanks to HBPL Library Trustee and CSLA member Richard Moore for the information and especially the invitation.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Digital Citizenship Summit

Digital Citizenship Summit

CSLA is presenting a Digital Citizenship Summit at the annual CUE Conference in Palm Springs.  Register today and invite teachers, administrators, and tech coordinator colleagues to attend to learn about digital citizenship from teacher librarians Gwyneth Jones, Pam Oehlman, Marie Slim, Jane Lofton, and Glen Warren. 

The CUE conference is the largest ed tech event in the western United States.  It will be held March 20 – 22, and the Digital Citizenship Summit will take place on Saturday, March 22.  Registration for summit sessions is included in all CUE conference registrations, including the Saturday only rate.  Don’t miss the advanced registration rates before February 28 online (or postmarked February 21 by mail.)

For more information visit http://cue.org/conference/attend


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Introducing Renee Ousley-Swank

Renee Ousley-Swank, School Library Technology Consultant

          I was recently selected to fill Barbara Jeffus’ very large shoes as the School Library Technology Consultant at the California Department of Education. I’m excited by the challenges this position presents, and I thank Barbara for her vision and zeal for school libraries. I hope to carry on her legacy, advocating for school library programs throughout the state.
          My goals in this position include ensuring school districts understand that school library programs are vital to their students’ success as they implement the Common Core Standards. A second goal is to promote access to print and electronic collections for all California students. I passionately believe that students in Title I schools deserve the same opportunities as students in more affluent schools and districts.
          My first library gig was opening a brand new high school library in the Manteca Unified School District where my dad was a teacher librarian. My dad and I worked together as colleagues for a number of years before his retirement. I eventually left MUSD to take a teacher librarian position with the Sylvan Union School District, this time opening a brand new middle school library. While at Sylvan I also earned my master’s in library science. When the budget crisis hit, Sylvan reduced the three teacher librarians (covering 13 schools) to only one teacher librarian (yes, still covering all 13 schools -10 elementary and 3 middle schools). I served in that capacity for 4+years before being the successful candidate for the CDE School Library Technology Consultant position. 
          Throughout my career I have always advocated for quality education, especially for strong school libraries, and I am proud of the work CSLA does. As a kid I can remember attending CSLA conferences with my dad who was an active member of CSLA. (Back then it was called the California Media and Library Educators Association.) Years later we attended the CSLA conference together as colleagues, and he made sure to introduce me to all his CSLA friends and contacts - including Sandy Shuckett, Barbara Jeffus, Jeanne Nelson, Bob Skapura, Peter Milbury and so many others.
          Following in my dad’s footsteps, I currently serve as the CSLA Northern Section Treasurer, as well as serving on numerous committees over the years of my membership.
          For the past 7 years I have served as the California Teachers Association (CTA) liaison to CSLA, educating the CTA Board about the value of teacher librarians and strong school library programs. I’ve served on a variety of CTA committees, including the Curriculum & Instruction committee, and the Read Across America committee.
          I look forward to working with CSLA in my new role, and welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cyber Safety Program

FREE Cyber Safety Program and Pizza for Your School Library

Teach your school community to "connect with confidence" by putting on a cyber-safety workshop for free. Everything you need to promote and conduct the workshop will be provided, including free pizza for everyone who attends

Hurry to sign up by December 25, 2013, to be ready to put on a workshop by spring

For more information, click HERE.