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Monday, February 13, 2012

California State Survey Time

It is time again to complete your CDE State Library Survey: http://www.cde.ca.gov/ci/cr/lb/schlsurvwelcompage.asp Some survey facts to remember

1. A survey is submitted for each school by site or district personnel.
If assistance is needed see #8.

2. There is a password. Type it as you see it here: @YourLibrary
Then select the "Start Survey" button

3. CDE needs your numbers. The survey is essential to develop an accurate
picture of the condition of school libraries across the state.

4. The survey is collecting information about last year, 2010-11

5. You can see collected prior year survey information at any time.

6. NEW! Tutorials that show you how to use your automation system to
answer question #10. Thank you, Janice Gilmore-See, Marie Slim and
Kathie Maier for creating these!

7. Please share this information with others in your district!

8. Need assistance? Just ask.
Lisa Leiplein, lleiplein@cde.ca.gov 916-319-0441 or
Barbara Jeffus, bjeffus@cde.ca.gov 916-319-0445

Submitted by Barbara Jeffus

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