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Monday, January 9, 2012

Important School Library Petition

Here's an important item from the AASL Advocacy tip blog:

"On Jan. 4, 2011, AASL President Carl Harvey posted a petition on the White House website requesting support and recognition by including school library programs in the  reauthorization of the Elementary Secondary Education Act (ESEA) expected this year.  The petition has until Feb. 4, 2011, to get 25,000 signatures in order for it to reach the Obama administration.

"Spread the word outside the school library community – teachers, parents, students, community members, and family friends are all encouraged to sign the petition.  Anyone over the age of 13 is qualified to sign.  This is a perfect opportunity to spread the word about school libraries by asking them to sign the petition: http://wh.gov/Wgd

"After you have signed, share the link with others.  Post it online, on blogs, on Twitter, and Facebook.  Use all your communication methods to help get the word out."

Here is the text of the petition:

"Every child in America deserves access to an effective school library program. We ask that the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) provide dedicated funding to help support effective school library programs. Such action will ensure more students have access to the resources and tools that constitute a 21st century learning environment. Reductions in school library programs are creating an ‘access gap’ between schools in wealthier communities versus those where there are high levels of poverty. All students should have an equal opportunity to acquire the skills necessary to learn, to participate, and to compete in today’s world."

Signing is important; spreading the word is incredibly important. We school library people need to network beyond our own ranks to get the needed signatures. Please share this with everyone you can. Please also be aware that some folks have had challenges signing in once they set up an account on the whitehouse.gov website. If you have challenges, try a different browser, or sign out and back in until you succeed in signing. Please don't give up!

Many thanks! Jane Lofton, CSLA President Elect


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  2. Weird! I had trouble with Chrome, switched to Firefox and it worked!!!